Cybersecurity experts and lawyers joined forces to create an intuitive platform to map data collection and processing infrastructure to ensure GDPR compliance.


Establishing effective GDPR compliance requires a systematic approach. It means that every data administrator, controller, processors, representatives and other important roles in processing data, according to the basic principle of accountability and with due diligence, must demonstrate effective implementation of GDPR regulations in their organizations. It is complex and complicated, this is why we created our platform that covers all of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) issues and subjects.


The Scope

  • Protection of Personal Data Audit
  • Processing of Personal Data Compliance Check, Audit Results Implementation
  • Personal Data Protection Audit for External Auditor
  • Risk Assessment for GDPR compliance
  • Creating GDPR processes for startups
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Identification of processes and data processing purposes, datasets inventory
  • Procedures implementation(also for groups of companies, national and international)
  • Creating and implementing Data Protection Code of Conduct (industry and sectoral)
  • Personal Data Protection Trainings
  • Data Protection Officer outsourcing
  • Matching documents and processes for GDPR compliance

How we used our knowledge to deliver best solutions for our clients