A key measure of AR systems is how realistically they integrate augmentations with the real world.

Future technologies working today

AR and VR technologies are becoming a vital part of the Industry 4.0, medicine, marketing or entertainment. They can save money and time and create completely new opportunities for services and products. We design innovative software for virtual and augmented realities. We use Vuforia and Ubuntu, to deliver best quality products. With technology today imagination is limitless.

Areas: Medicine, Industry 4.0, Education, Real Estate, Marketing, Tourism


How we used our knowledge to deliver best solutions for our clients

How we applied our knowledge
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AR Bridge

Comprehensive platform for omnichannel campaigns.

AR Bridge is an intuitive SaaS platform that enables to plan, coordinate and manage multiple AR marketing campaigns and channels of communication. Augmented Reality data visualization, virtual objects and interactions in real time - it’s all there. You can manage and change actions in real time. One logo, many functions.